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Monday 14 December 2015

How Well Do You Know...Prince Albert?

How Well Do You Know...Prince Albert?
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1. Where are Albert born?
2. What was the name of Albert’s beloved greyhound?
3. What was the name of Albert’s tutor during his childhood?
4. Whose death in 1860 marred Albert’s final visit to Coburg in 1860?
5. What great feat did Albert achieve in 1851 despite ridicule from ministers and members of his family who said it couldn’t be done?
6. To whom did Albert write: “I am not of a demonstrative nature, and therefore you can hardly know how dear you have been to me, and what a void you have left behind in my heart; yet not in my heart for there you assuredly will abide henceforth as you have always done...”?
7. Which famous composer stated that, had he not been a Prince, Albert would have also been a great composer?
8. Which painting, now in the Royal Collection, did Albert create while at university in Bonn?
9. Which humorous talent – also shared by the present Queen – did Albert employ to entertain his friends while at university?
10. Which country had Albert been touring immediately before he arrived in England when Queen Victoria proposed?
11. What was ‘the moment in its saddest form’ that was ‘ever before me’, according to Albert in 1837?
12. Who wrote of Albert, “Such an entire life for duty, so joyously and unpretendingly borne out, remains for all times something inexpressibly fine and grand!...I never knew a man fit to place beside him, or so made to be loved and admired.”

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